A Federal Chief Judge, Edward Nottingham, is in the process of being investigated for his choice in online dating sites like lovingfeel. The judge is recently divorced from his wife of three years, Marcie Jaeger. During their proceedings, it came out that the good judge was into a couple of more adult dating websites and strip clubs. Well, now the FBI is interested because the judge may have been acting ‘inappropriately’ for his place as a Federal Judge.

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The internet is just as much the ‘real world’ as the real world is folks. Anything you do online could very well affect you in your day to day life. So try to keep that in mind when you are online creating numerous different dating profiles. Federal Judges are actually held to higher moral standards than the rest of us because they preside over some of the more important cases in the U.S. and they are appointed for life by the president. They can only be removed via an investigation by the President or Congress.


The judge was using a site called, IPayFriendFinder.com, which is an online dating site like victoria hearts that allows people to exchange stories, upload risqué stories and so on. He even admitted to his wife that he was surfing this website in his chambers at work and credit card records show that he spent up to $500 making payments to this particular site for extra features.

I can’t say whether or not a person should use this particular site. We’re all free to choose where we head to for our online dating fun, well, almost all of us. The judge is claiming that the press respects his privacy since this is really a case about ‘human foibles and frailties’. How do you feel about a Federal Judge choosing to go online to join an adult online dating site? Keep in mind that the wife divorced him over his use of the site and there were several other mitigating factors.

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