Coffee Meets Bagel Review - Fair play in love

I’m sure; you know this feeling very well... A kind of something that you are trying to throw out of your head again and again... But it does not want to go. It’s when a shy idea “she does not need to know that” transforms into a bit irritable” Yes, I did this! But why the hell should I care about this??”, and then into really aggressive “This was her fault! She deserved that because she is so <put any epithet here>!”…

coffee meets bagel review
coffee meets bagel review

Sure, we all believe this is only about “that guy”, and absolutely not related to us And everything would be really perfect, if this situation would not repeat again and again, with different girls and in different circumstances, until you realize that there should be some connection between all these cases. Are they really connected, or these are just coincidences? Why does this happen to almost 90% of men on Earth? And how to quite from this loop of broken relationships from coffee meets bagel review?

Like Morpheus from The Matrix the movie, there are only two solutions:

1) Just leave it as it is, and continue suffering because “this is the nature”

2) Try to change something

Similarly like it happened to Neo, with blue and red pills in the Matrix movie. So you need to decide right now. If you choose #1 – then just stop reading, this is not for you, really. Open this link and enjoy >>.


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